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Esquire Insurance provides a highly efficient and streamline way of handling your Commercial, Auto, and Homeowner's Insurance needs. Esquire Insurance integrates its paperless based system to cater towards your insurance needs. This allows our clients a personalized, yet technology driven way to secure their insurance.

Esquire Insurance is licensed in several states throughout the United States. Our ties to these communities allow us to have great presence in these states. Esquire Insurance is able to grow through its pride on customer service, personalization, and out performing our competitors.

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8/27 - Swiss Re sigma Report Estimates 1st Half 2014 Insured Losses at $21 Billion

According to preliminary estimates in a sigma report from Swiss Re, total economic losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters reached $44... {read more}

8/27 - QBE Wins Time for Cleanup as Plan Reduces Risk: Australia Credit

QBE Insurance Group Ltd.’s John Neal is shoring up the insurer’s balance sheet by selling shares and assets. He still has work to do convincing bond i... {read more}

8/27 - German Insurers Weigh Funding to Plug Merkel Infrastructure Gap

Germany’s insurers said they may back a government call to invest in infrastructure to help cover an annual €7 billion ($9.23 billion) taxpayer shortf... {read more}

8/27 - Insurance Journal Upgrades Magazine App

Insurance Journal Magazine has updated its magazine news app for smartphones and tablets. The e-news app, which was originally launched in 2009, now o... {read more}

8/26 - Indiana Supreme Court Affirms Importance of Reading Policy

Failure to procure insurance claims of agent malpractice typically involve agent conduct where the agent makes a promise of future activity and not re... {read more}

8/26 - Murphy Joins Leavitt Great West in Montana

Leavitt Great West Insurance Services has named Kristina Murphy as a commercial account manager in the Choteau, Mont. office. Her experience in the in... {read more}
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